Team Training


  • Custom team training sessions

  • Great for dubs & singles strategies!

  • Contact us for more info & sign up

  • Prices Range $12 - $25 per player based on nubmer of players and length of sessions

  • Contact us to start creating you custom team sessions!

Weekend Clinics


  • Focus on stroke development, strategies, and mental toughness

  • Saturdays & Sundays 9:30-11am

  • Limited Spot Avb. Please contact us for more info & sign up


  • First Clinic: Free!

  • Per Clinic: $25

  • 8 Clinic Pass: $180



  • 60 Min Private

    • Pro    $50

    • Head Pro    $65

  • 60 Min Group

    • 2 Players    $35 each

    • 3-4 Players    $25 each

    • 4+    $25 each (90mins)

  • 30 Min Private

    • Pro    $35

    • Head Pro    $40

Dedicated Match Play (DMP)


The DMP program’s main focus is directed towards training and working with players during actual match play. It is designed as a compliment to whatever clinics or lessons a player might be taking. This program focuses on the mental, tactical, and strategic aspects of the game rather than the technique and development of a stroke. This type of training provides a unique opportunity for players to truly understand what it means to earn points rather than hope for them. It will also challenge players to answer the question, “When I step onto the court, how do I compete to win?”


1st Hour: Specific footwork and ball recognition warm up followed by the focus point of the day. Focus points involve things such as mentally approaching deuce points, holding onto momentum, watching your opponent’s body language, etc.


2nd Hour: Focus of the day supervised point play. Players will compete against one another in points specifically designed around the focus of the day.  Ex) If the focus of the day was based around serving with confidence and a player pushed a second serve in, they would automatically loose the point and may only be limited to a first serve for the rest of the game.


3rd Hour: Supervised tournament match play. Players will compete against one another in a tournament format while our pros critique during change overs.



  • Saturdays 12:30-3:30pm

  • North Domingo Baca Park Courts (Whyoming & Paseo)

  • Intermediate - Advanced Players

  • Limited Spot Avb. Please contact us for more info & sign up


  • First Clinic: Free!

  • Monthly Pass: $240

  • Drop In: $60


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